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Toulon, 1793


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Toulon 1793 is an operational level game covering the siege of Toulon, between 25 August and 21 December, 1793. It’s an area based system covering the entire campaign from the initial landing by Anglo-Spanish forces  through to their evacuation of the town as their ships came under threat from the batteries of the previously unknown Napoleon Bonaparte.

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Category Classic wargame
Sub Category Napoleonic
Mechanics Hex-and-Counter
Ages 12+
Max Players 4
Play Mode Competitive
Play Time A full day
Designer Andy Loakes
Artist Knut Grünitz, Randy Lein, Andy Loakes
Game Scale Operational

Operation points are at the heart of the system and combined with an innovative combat, loss and movement system generate a vast number of decision points for the players. Chrome comes in the form of spies, gendarmes, multi-national forces (and associated cooperation issues), reconnaissance, variable reinforcements and much more. The game covers an area from Ollioules in the West to Sollies in the East and from Mount Farron in the North to Cap Cepet in the South.

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