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    Borodino was fought between the Army of Imperial Russia and Napoleon's Grand Armee on September 7 1812.  Area movement and hidden strenght wooden blocks to recreate the turning point of Napoleon history.

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    Featuring two complete battles of the Peninsular War, Talavera and Albuera, each with an alternate set-up possibility. Eagles of the Empire is a game system that portrays the military engagements of the Napoleonic Era. Players assume the role of the army commander of a major national or allied army of the period.

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    España 20 features two complete games covering key battles fought over control of the Iberian Peninsula. Bailén 20, the stunning victory of General Castaños over General Dupont in the mountains of Andalusia. Arapiles 20, one of finnest Wellington's battles, against Maréchal Marmont in the hills of Salamanca.

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    Ligny 1815: Last Eagles is the third title of the Eagles of France series after Fallen Eagles (Waterloo) and Rising Eagles (Austerlitz). 

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    Vive L'Empereur! series Vol. VIII Quatre Batailles en Espagne allows to play in 4 different maps four Peninsular Wars (1808-1814) battles. Vitoria (21 june 1813), Ocaña (19 november 1809), Salamanca (22 july 1812) and Sorauren (July, 1813) 

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    Toulon 1793 is an operational level game covering the siege of Toulon, between 25 August and 21 December, 1793. It’s an area based system covering the entire campaign from the initial landing by Anglo-Spanish forces  through to their evacuation of the town as their ships came under threat from the batteries of the previously unknown Napoleon Bonaparte.

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