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    1066, Tears to Many Mothers is an asymmetric, competitive, tactical card game in the style of Magic the Gathering, but non-collectable. Each player, as either Normans or Saxons, musters troops and resources to overcome the various obstacles in their way before the two armies clash on the battlefield at Hastings.

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    1212: Navas de Tolosa is a small tactical wargame for 2 players that allows you to revive this famous medieval battle of the Reconquista where two very different ways of understanding war face each other: the Christian one represented by the kingdoms of Castile, Aragon and Navarre, and the Muslim one represented by the Almohad Empire.

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    Alea Magazine nº 38. Include 1 game : Sagrajas.

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    Almoravid: Reconquista and Riposte in Spain, 1085-1086, is a board wargame about a pair of tumultuous campaigns in the Spanish Reconquista - Leonese King Alfonso VI's advances against the 11th Century's fractious Muslim Taifa states, and the resulting intervention by a fundamentalist African Muslim army seeking to roll the Christians back.

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    Attila's recent invasion of Western Europe would be challenged: a remnant Roman army, under the command of Flavius Aetius, was sent to stop him on a field known as the Catalaunian Plain, near the village of Chalons. The Battle of Chalons would decide the fate of Europe. Chalons: The Fate of Europe utilizes the Battles of the Ancient World system.

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    Granada: The Last Stand of the Moors, is a game for two players about the struggle between the christian kingdoms of Castille and Aragon against the last muslim realms of the Iberian Peninsule. The game is based on the Sekigahara system.

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    Hammer of the Scots brings the rebellion of the Braveheart, William Wallace, to life. As the English player, you seek to pacify Scotland by controlling all the important noble lords. The Scottish player also seeks the allegiance of nobles to support a difficult struggle for freedom. Hammer of the Scots will give you many hours of entertainment and insight...

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    Inferno is the third volume of the Levy&Campaign series, this time about the conflagration that was 13th-Century Tuscan warfare, factional conflict fueled by the money and burgeoning population of the region’s well-to-do cities and mountain valleys.

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    Can you as William the Conqueror become King of England? Or will Harold deny the invader and keep his throne? Map scale is 50 meters per hex and the units vary in size from 100 to 250 men. Historical touches such as cavalry charges, army morale by troop type, leader loss, arrow supply, Saxon javelins, the Papal banner; it is all here in a very easy to...

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    Saladin is a historical game for 2 players intended to recreate the famous battles of Hattin and Arsuf where Saladin was opposed to the crusaders troops of Guy de Lusignan and then to those of Richard the Lionheart.

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    Vikings: Scourge of the North. Europe in the last centuries of Dark Age was beset by Scandinavian raiders. Their longships sailed the high seas, reaching lands as far as the Volga and North America. While mainly known for their pillaging, the Vikings were also explorers, traders, and colonists.

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    The game covers the Nanboku-cho period of Japanese history and simulates one of the most dynamic and important periods in Japanese history.

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