The Store.

Located in the heart of Sabadell town, SnafuStore is not only a games retailer, but also a big place to play!

SnafuStore Shop Insider

After 25 years trailing over the boards and virtually around all conflicts of Human History, SNAFU is a reference in wargaming world.

Now we put that experience at the service of a small but exigent market, without forgetting other forms of gaming ... from the battles of X-Wings to the mythical Catan.

The SNAFU Store is just one more service of the SNAFU Team, a "Q" Continum of players and games. A place to play, to meet other players, to find the games you're looking for and some you're not, where all questions about games and rules can meet an answer...

One of our policies is that if the game is on our web, it means we have the game in stock. We don't sell what we don't have. Still, if you want a game we don't have in our catalog, we can always try to find it. But, we differenciate from other sites in that we only sell what we have!


So we are just... players selling games.

How to find us.

If you come by train, Sabadell Gràcia is the nearest, but Sabadell Plaça Major is about the same distance, and you can walk the Ramblas down, that is a nicer way.

By car it's easy to reach but parking is somewhat difficult. We recommend to try the other side of the Terrassa Road, Roger de Flor street or Ausias Marc street. In case of despair, there is a Parking in the Ramblas, near (in fact under) Cine Imperial.


SNAFU Team is a 25 years old gaming club that is located in the same spot. As club we play mainly and mostly wargames.


SNAFU Design

Making our own games has been on our mind since we started playing. SNAFU Design started when the Centre de Regulació Genòmica charged us to create a game to help divulgate the results of Saca La Lengua project. 

Now we work on a series of small wargames : the Snafu Small Battles, with Ambon: Burning Sun & Little Seagulls as first number.