The Store.

Located in the heart of Sadabell town, actualy just an office and a depot, but in short a big place to play.

Stock de la botiga

After 20 years trailing over the boards and virtually around all conflicts of Human History, SNAFU has been and still is a reference in wargaming world.

Now we put that experience at the service of a small but exigent market, without forgetting other forms of gaming ... from the battles of X-Wings to the mythical Catan.

The SNAFU Store is just one more service of the SNAFU Team, a "Q" Continum of players and games. A place to play, to meet other players, to find the games you're looking for and some you're not, where all questions about games and rules are answer...

One of our policies is that if the game is on our web, it means we have the game in stock. We don't sell what we don't have. Still, if you want a game we don't have in our catalog, we can always try to find it. But, we differenciate from other sites in that we only sell what we have!

So we are just... players selling games.



SNAFU Team is more than a club!

History of our gaming club dates back to late 80s, qhen in Sant Cugat a roleplaying club named "A Sac!" was born. A small minority of boardgame players, as if it was a game of Republic of Rome, tried to take control of the club but failed and splited. SNAFU was born, with some paralelism with those american soldiers that back in the Battle of Bulge formed the SNAFU Team with some renmants of front-line combat units destroyed in the initial offensive.

Since then, our club has been growing in game experience, and now, we want to move further and create a full structure for gamers, more than just a gaming club.

Visit the Club's web : SNAFU Team

SNAFU School

True knowledge come thru gaming.

Guerra Freda a través del joc

Back in 2010 I was looking for a laboraty activity in the high school where I was teaching physics. I came across Phil Eklund's High Frontier, I brought it to the lab, and I witnessed how a small group of students learned much more than in a thousand "old fashion" classes. I repeated the experience the following year, and little by little, I let the boardgames colonise the school. That experience, always a positive one over the years, is what we want now to extend and make available for any school.

True knowledge, teaching and learning by skills, significative learning, the one that reaches the hearth, always arrives when the student is having a good time, and games, think as games not as learning activities, are an excellent tool to achieve that.

SNAFU offers a lot of activities for almost any subject in the high school curriculae to strenghten the learning process in a gaming magical world.

If you are interested in learning more, send us an email, and ask about what we can offer.