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The Great Game

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The Great Game recreates the 19th Century Anglo-Russian struggle for supremacy in Central Asia. In the actual contest, Tsarist Russia resented British expeditions into the Steppe Khanates while Victorian Britain feared that Russian entreaties to Persia and Afghanistan would jeopardize India's security.

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Category Classic wargame
Mechanics Card-Driven
Ages 14+
Max Players 2
Play Mode Competitive
Play Time An evening
Designer John Gorkowski
Game Scale Strategic
Game Scale - Map Point-to-Point of Central Asia

In the game, players alternate moving officers (historical personalities) and troops across a point-to-point map of Central Asia in yearly turns. Imperial powers strive to enlist vassal states such as Afghanistan and Bokhara into their camp through diplomacy or combat. Vassals offer troops and tribute to their imperial patron.

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