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The Road to Cheren


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The road to Cheren is a game covering the Eritrea campaign in East Africa in 1941. The campaign featured British and French forces versus the Italians in a wild and mountainous country. Cheren is a game where the movement of each piece is critical.

A very nice chit pull system to give both sides some special abilities and keep the enemy guessing as to what comes next.

Ziplock game!

19,95 € IVA incl.

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Categoría Wargame clásico
Sub Category WWII
Mecánica Hex-and-Counter
Edad 12+
Máximo de Jugadores 2
Estilo de juego Competitivo
Tiempo de Juego Una tarde
Diseñador Kim Kanger
Artist Kim Kanger
Escala de juego Operacional

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