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Prague: The Empty Triumph

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Prague - The Empty Triumph es el octavo volumen de la serie de juegos Battles from the Age of Reason y continúa el curso de la Guerra de los Siete Años en Europa central.

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Categoría Wargame clásico
Mecánica Hex-and-Counter
Edad 12+
Máximo de Jugadores 4
Estilo de juego Por equipos
Tiempo de Juego Un fin de semana
Escala de juego Táctico
Escala del Juego - Tiempo 20 min per turn
Escala de Juego - Unidades Batallones
Escala de Juego - Mapa 100 yards per hex

Prague - The Empty Triumph is the eighth volume in the Battles from the Age of Reason game series and continues the course of the Seven Years War in central Europe.

On May 6, 1757 King Frederick II of Prussia sent 65,000 men on a maneuver to turn the right flank of 62,000 Austrians strongly deployed along a ridge east of the city Prague under the command of Prince Charles of Lorraine. Both sides were poised for a battle which would be the largest of the war.

Although the battle clearly was a Prussian success the victory fell short because Prague succesfully withstood the enemy siege until June 16 when Marshal Daun's Austrian relief force dealt Frederick his first defeat on the rolling hills near Kolin.

The map and time scale: 100 yards per hex and 20 minute game turns. Units represent battalions, regiments, squadrons, companies and batteries or sections of artillery (1 strength point equals 100 men, 50 horsemen or 2 cannon).
The counters represent the various arms, individual leaders and game markers needed to play the game.

Prague allows players to explore all aspects of this critical and bloody battle with one and two-map scenarios or replay the entire action using all three maps.

As a bonus this game includes the Lobositz Expansion map.


  • 3rd Edition Standard Series Rules booklet;
  • Exclusive Rules booklet containing Special Rules, Scenarios and Historical Commentary;
  • Three 22" x 34" full color, period-style maps;
  • 420 1/2" Counters, both full color and black & white;
  • Cardstock charts & tables;
  • Two 10-sided dice.

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