SPANC: Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls

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SPANC es un juego de cartas en el que los jugadores encarnan chicas-gato amazonas ninja piratas del espacio y se enfrentan a Desafios para ganar fama, equipadas con diversos Juguetes.

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Categoría Sci-Fi Game
Edad 14+
Máximo de Jugadores 4
Estilo de juego Competitivo
Tiempo de Juego Un rato
Diseñador Fade Manley

SPANC Them All!
Life is good when you're a Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirl. Enjoy a life of larceny and mayhem as you embark on one Caper after another. Defeat every challenge the galaxy throws at you, from the Friendly Guard Puppies all the way to the Fiendish Death Trap. Pick up Toys (and the occasional Poolboy), grab more Fame than anyone else, and watch your tail . . . because the other catgirls want what you've got!

Lovingly illustrated by Phil Foglio, SPANC is a fast-paced card game of space pirates, ninja, amazons, and catgirls. All at once.

108 full-color oversized cards, counters, rulesheet, and dice in a 6" x 9" box.

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