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The Price of Honor: The Battle of Callao, May 1866

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Price of Honor details the battle of Callao fought on May 2nd, 1866 beetwen Spain and a coalition of South American countries (Peru, Bolivia and Chile).

Ziplock Game! Includes mounted counters.

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Category Classic wargame
Mechanics Hex-and-Counter
Ages 12+
Max Players 2
Play Mode Competitive
Play Time An evening
Designer Paul Rohrbaugh
Artist Bruce Yearian
Game Scale Grand Tactic

Price of Honor details the battle of Callao fought on May 2nd, 1866. The South American countries of Peru, Bolivia and Chile united in defying the Spanish government access to the nitrate rich Chincha Islands, and over other trade issues. Anti-Spanish riots and atrocities against Spanish citizens in these nations led to Spain ordering a powerful squadron of warships, led by the ironclad battleship Numancia, to seize the Chincha Islands and blockade their coasts. This was a flagrant violation of the Monroe Doctine, and the US and British governments also sent squadrons of warships to the area to monitor the situation, and possibly intervene against the Spanish fleet.

After taking the islands and announcing a blockade the Spanish Admiral Casto Mendez Nuñez announced that unless reparations were paid and apologies given by the South American Allied nations to Spain, the Spanish ships would begin attacking their shipping and ports. This threat was made reality on March 31st when the Spanish warships bombarded Valparaiso, Chile. The port was largely defenseless and unable to effectively resist. Emboldened, the Spanish fleet moved onto Callao where the bulk of the Allied warships and commercial shipping had concentrated. The port defenses here were more substantial and armed with modern guns, including five massive 22 ton Blakely guns in armored turrets, as well as bolstered by two ironclads, the Loa and Victoria. Learning that two new Peruvian ironclads, the Huascar and Independencia, were also about to arrive, Admiral Nuñez ordered an attack on May 2nd, despite the looming presence of the American and British warships whose leaders threatened to intervene.

The Spanish fleet’s attack at Callao was violent and damaging. Nearly 6,000 shells were fired by the Spanish ships alone, causing many casualties and much damage to the port’s defensive works and Allied warships. The Spanish fleet, however, also suffered with several of their warships severely damaged, crippled, or nearly sinking by the end of the afternoon when Admiral Nuñez ordered the Spanish fleet to break off and retire. Although inconclusive both sides claimed victory. Can you do as well or better than your historical counterpart?

Each copy of The Price of Honor is composed of the following:

One 11 by 17 inch hex map
Two sheets of 242 (total) single-sided, mounted counters
One Players' Aid Sheet
Seven pages of rules

Price of Honor is designed by Paul Rohrbaugh with graphics by Bruce Yearian. The game uses the same card draw design.

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