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Parliament of Shadows

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Premade deck to play Lasombra Clan in Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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The Lasombra hide in the shadows of the corridors of power, manipulating those who consider mere cattle. They are the main leaders of the Sabbath, and their powers allow them to dominate the very fabric of darkness. They are the true masters of the night, politicians in the Shadow Parliament.

In this deck, your minions are major vampires with the powers of shadow creation and mind control. Use these skills to expel your enemies with machinations
disorganization policies and patterns.

This is a deck with 77 library cards and 12 crypt cards, ready to play or customizable with other Vampire cards: The Eternal Struggle. Each player needs a
deck to play.

Contents / Content:

2 Anton de Concepción
2 Carolina Vález (NEW ART)
2 Charles Delmare (NEW)
2 Lord Leopold Valdemar (NEW)
2 Luca Italicus
2 Percival (NEW)

Master [13]
1 Information Highway
1 Jake Washington
1 Monastery of Shadows
1 Papillon
1 Political Hunting Ground
1 Powerbase: Madrid
1 Power Structure
4 Villein
2 Zillah’s Valley

Action [8]
6 Govern the Unaligned
2 Under Siege

Political Action [15]
1 Anarchist Uprising
1 Ancient Influence
2 Banishment
8 Kine Resources Contested
1 Neonate Breach
1 Political Stranglehold
1 Reins of Power

Ally [1]
1 Mylan Horseed

Action Modifier [24]
2 Blanket of Night
4 Conditioning
4 Seduction
4 Shadow Play
4 Shroud of Absence
4 Shroud of Night
2 Tenebrous Form

Combat [6]
3 Oubliette
3 Shadow Body

Reaction [10]
4 Deflection (NEW ART)
2 Obedience
2 On the Qui Live
2 Wake with Evening’s Freshness