Almost a Year

Almost a Year

The Team Snafu has been playing wargames uninterrupted since early nineties. Wow, that's a performance... it's true that for very long years, we just played World in Flames (mostly Fifth then Final Edition), Red Barricades (not ASL, just Red Barricades) and Europa Series' Scorched Earth, with some Empires in Arms as filler game... That was SNAFU.

Then it come the modern age of Wargaming... and some sort of Cambrian Explosion affected us... one night, one game, game after game... and a lot of games that we loved, and a lot of games that we did not....

One year ago, the Team, and mostly Francesc and Oscar, decided to go for their own game shop... The Snafu Store. It's and adventure, it's hard, is tricky and ungrateful sometimes... but it's worth it... it's our own and proudly managed game shop, with all the wargames we can... and the Team Snafu is living a second Cambrian Explosion, with more players, more room, more games... keep calm and focus on wargaming... yeah!

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