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Poland Defiant: The German Invasion, September 1939

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Poland Defiant covers the first 10 days of the Polish campaign, September 1st to 10th, 1939. This was the period when the Polish armies met the German forces on the open terrain of Poland and the mobility and firepower of mechanized warfare was first demonstrated on a large scale.

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Category Classic wargame
Sub Category WWII
Mechanics Hex-and-Counter
Ages 14+
Max Players 2
Play Mode Competitive
Play Time An evening
Designer Stefan Ekström
Game Scale Operational
Game Scale - Time 1 day per turn
Game Scale - Unit Divisions

Poland Defiant uses the same chit pull system and basic rules as Konigsberg with a few variations for the differences for this campaign. For example, the Germans have air interdiction and ground attack aircraft can launch attacks on units rather then just adding shifts to combat. Each turn is 1 day and game play time is 6 to 10 hours.

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