Last Blitzkrieg

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Last Blitzkrieg is the first entry in the new Battalion Combat Series (BCS), which simulates combat in World War II at the battalion scale. Its subject is the German Ardennes offensive Wacht Am Rhein (the Battle of the Bulge) on four detailed maps (1km per hex) and with 1,680 counters. Last Blitzkrieg covers the battle in a level of detail rarely seen before and does so in a very playable manner.

134,95 € tax incl.

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Category Classic wargame
Sub Category WWII
Mechanics Hex-and-Counter
Ages 14+
Max Players 4
Play Mode Competitive
Play Time A lifetime
Designer Dean Essig
Artist Nicolás Eskubi
Game Scale Grand Tactic
Game Scale - Unit Battalions
Game Scale - Map 1 km per hex

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