Day of Infamy


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Day of Infamy is a simulation wargame about the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The game is meant for two players with one player taking on the role of the Japanese attackers; the other the US defense forces. The game can easily be played solitaire.

Ziplock Game! Includes mounted counters and playing cards!

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Category Classic wargame
Sub Category WWII
Mechanics Area-and-Counter
Ages 12+
Max Players 2
Play Mode Competitive
Play Time A short time
Designer Paul Rohrbaugh
Game Scale Tactic

Japanese Player

While you have a host of aircraft by which to attack, remember that one who tries to do everything rarely accomplishes anything. Set priorities for your attacks and try to meet one before proceeding to the next. The US may not have as many aircraft or weapons at hand, but don’t underestimate their sting, especially as the US Alert Level raises. Weigh carefully how you deploy and use your fighters. Do you keep them over the installations to inhibit Repair attempts, risk them in strafing attacks, or hold them back to deal with any US fighters that dare to contest your bombers? Consider carefully to use the Kairyu submarine should it come into play. While it may deliver a severe blow to the enemy, it could also just as easily lead to wasted activations or grant an easy VP to the enemy.

American Player
Although the US player has few units, there are a great many decisions to make that will affect the course and outcome of the game, especially so once turn 1 is over. With moderate luck and good game play the Japanese player should be challenged to reach the historical outcome. Will you try to get the USS Nevada out of harm’s way or rally damage control parties to stem the bleeding and take the first steps on the road to Tokyo? How and when will you fight your AA and any fighters that do arrive overhead? Courage and perseverance were two qualities shown by Americans on the opening day of there entry in WWII.

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