Ships of the Line: Trafalgar 1805

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Deluxe box containing 60 PVC miniatures simulating the ships of that time, with 180 (+ reserve 9) removable sails (removable to simulate wear in combat)

Wargame easy and fun in your basic rules that expand with the advanced rules giving you a deep dimension that will delight the most experienced players.

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74,95 € tax incl.

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Sub Category Napoleonic
Mechanics Miniatures
Ages 14+
Max Players Infinite
Play Mode Team vs Team
Play Time An evening
Designer Crisanto Lorente González
Game Scale Tactic

List of the components included in the game box:

  • 10 Tiles simulating the sea
  • 3 Markers Sheets
  • Rulebook
  • 2 Tables and turn record sheets
  • 2 Small vessels registration sheets 
  • 7 Large vessels registration sheets 
  • 27 Red Vessels (British)
  • 18 Blue Vessels (French)
  • 15 Yellow ships (English)
  • 6 d6 dice
  • 180 + 9 Sails

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