Alea nº 35: Italia44 + Los Amos del Horizonte

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Alea Magazine nº 35. Includes 2 games : Italia'44 and Los Amos del Horizonte.

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Mechanics Hex-and-Counter
Ages 12+
Max Players 2
Min Players 1
Play Mode Competitive
Play Time A short time
Designer Javier Romero
Game Scale Operational
Game Scale - Unit Divisions

Italia '44 is a two player simulation (solitaire play is also possible) of the Italian campaign- from the Anzio landing to the first assaults against the Gothic line (January-October 1944).

90 counters, division-brigade scale, 20 km/hex. The map shows central Italy, from the Berhardt line to Bologna and the Gothic line.

The game uses a simplified version of the Hungary 44-45 (Vae Victis #78).

Los Amos del Horizonte is a two-players system that simulates galley combats in the XV-XVII Centuries.

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