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Strategy&Tactics Nº 330: Mediterranean Empires

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Strategy&Tactics Magazine Nº 331 includes game Mediterranean Empires

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Sub Category Medieval
Ages 12+
Max Players 2
Play Mode Competitive
Play Time An evening
Designer Javier Romero
Game Scale Strategic
Game Scale - Time 10 years per turn

Mediterranean Empires is a low- to intermediate-complexity, two-player, strategic-level wargame simulating the fight for the Western and Central Mediterranean during the turn of the 13th-14th centuries. From the War of the Sicilian Vespers (1282-1302) to the Venetian-Genoese Wars of the 14th Century. Aragonese, Angevins, French, the Papacy, Genoese, Venetians and Sicilians fight each other for the mastery of the Mediterranean.

There are 7 game turns. Every game turn represents c. 10 years of conquest, pillage and backstabbing.

Published in issue #330 of Strategy & Tactics Magazine

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