3 Secrets

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Everybody has secrets. Your challenge is to discover them! In 3 Secrets you will be detectives investigating unsolved cases. An undercover agent knows the truth, but he won't be able to reveal everything he knows without compromising his cover. Ask him questions and try to solve the case before the bad guys escape!

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Ages 14+
Max Players 8
Play Mode Cooperative
Play Time A short time

In the cooperative game 3 Secrets, players want to unravel the three secrets of an unresolved case before time runs out. One of the players plays the role of informant and knows the truth about the case: They know which secrets need to be discovered and try their best to help you guess them correctly. The clock is ticking and the clues are scarce, so question the informant to gather useful information and find the solution. If you grope in the dark, the informant can reveal an important clue, but this will cost you precious time! Use your best observing eye, lateral thinking, and deduction skills to unravel all the mysteries of the ambiguous characters that populate this game.

3 Secrets comes with a free app available for download at the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

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