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In Mafiozoo, each player tries to become the new "made" man of Momo's gang by taking control of the neighborhoods and places of influence of the city. But beware, everything is in the way ... To earn your place in "The Family", you must bribe the Godfather's relatives, earn or buy their support and benefit from their favors. Alas you are not the only one on the spot.

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Mechanics Worker Placement
Ages 10+
Max Players 4
Play Mode Competitive
Play Time A short time

A central game board with 12 characters close to the Godfather. Players have cards in their hands (in a limited number) that correspond to the different characters. In turn, the player plays a card that indicates that he wants to visit this character, then deposits gems on this character. Then, the player decides to leave them to win a great deal of influence with this character or to transfer them to neighbors from the board, but still leaving at least a gem in the initial character.

It's simple, beautiful and effective. After all, everything is about managing your gems and putting the minions in the neighborhoods of the city for bonuses ...

The turns are fast, each game can last about an hour.

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