Cap de Colla

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Cap de colla is a boardgame that uses cards and dice to spread the human towers culture in a funny, dynamic and clever way.

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Ages 8+
Max Players 5
Min Players 2
Play Mode Competitive
Play Time A short time

The purpose of the game is scoring the most points by doing human towers typical of catalan culture. The game is played in five regular rounds plus a column round. Each regular round is divided in two phases.

In first phase, called "assaig" (something like "erzatz"), cards are dealed and traded until most players have assembled enought cards to build a human tower.

Then a new phase called "a plaça" (literally "to the square", but it means performing), each player must perform the towers by using the dice : thay have to roll over difficulty of their tower to build the tower, and if the tower is succeful, they score a "trial" token and can try to "unbuild" the tower. The trial tokens earned in past rounds can be exchanged for rerolls. Each round has a scoring process : first player to complete a tower, succesful builds and unbuilds score points according with the difficulty of the tower. After the five regular rounds are played, players can try to build human columns (called "pilars") with excess trial tokens and score points according to column difficulty.

The player that scores most points, adding score of all rounds is the winner.

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