Headquarter Games will publish White Dog Games games in Spanish.

White Dog Games is an American publisher that produces games on very interesting themes. The import costs of their games make it difficult to sell them in Europe, but a growing interest in their games and the good relationship with the good people at Headquarter Games will make it possible to have the games in DELUXE edition and in Spanish.

The first to arrive will be The Mission, about the rise of Christianity in the world and the N: Napoleonic Wars.

At Snafu we do not pre-sell by policy, but in this case we offer ourselves to take reservations for both games in order to contribute to the success of the project. We offer the possibility to "buy" both games free of charge. When the games are published we will notify you and if you really want them, you will have the possibility to buy them for real. You can make your reservation by clicking on the images :


You can visit HQ Games web site to learn more about their projects clicking on this link.