Charity Auction Games x Open Arms.

Someone said once that we don’t stop playing when we grow old, we grow old when we stop playing. So, it happens. Sometimes some players stop playing and then they grow old. Let's presume that always reluctantly, of course. But when that happens, they leave behind collections of games that one day they treasured with enthusiasm, with games played a thousand times and others that came out of the shelf just a few times. There is, in the possession of the games, an effect similar to the possession of the books, they are beautiful objects which, from the shelf being, have promising stories to tell.

Not long ago a player grew up and wanted to donate his collection to the community with the desire to make good use of it. It is a collection that contains almost all the relevant titles of the last eight years, most of them still in schrink. After much thought about what could be done with that legacy and considering many options, we came to the conclusion that there is no better use than to ensure that those games help make the world a little less horrible for the people who risk their lives fleeing poverty, war and the exploitation of man by man. The good idea was a charity auction to raise funds for Open Arms. The games will have a good fate, they will reach the shelves of those who do not want to grow up, not to promise great stories, but to tell a real one.

Auction Rules

As part of the Dau Festival in Barcelona, Snafu is auctioning this collection of games, in a traditional auction format. All money raised will go entirely to fund Open Arms and therefore save lives in the Mediterranean.

To participate in the auction you must be registered on the SnafuStore website.

The highest bid has a purchase obligation, which will be formalized once the auction is over. Auctioned games are sold in lots, the bid is made for the whole lot, which is indivisible.

Shipping costs, if any, will be covered by the buyer. Multiple products can be combined in a single shipment. Lots can be picked up at the store or in some cases at the Festival itself.

You cannot combine auction products with store products.

Products are auctionned as they were donated to us. Changes and devolutions are not admited.