The day Coronavirus attacked ...

On March 12, 2020, we made a decision. Total closure, and we did it for 3 reasons ...

Practical reason.

Our logistics operators were Mondial Relay (which abruptly ceased activity) and NACEX (who sent an email saying that it did not guarantee deliveries in some areas and that it prioritized essential shipments). This reduced our ability to provide the good service we are so pride to offer.

Health-Legal Reason.

The authorities, the experts and the commentators decreted confinement and allowing only essential sectors to keep working. I guess essentiality is always debatable, but a boardgame (or wargame) is way up in Maslow's Pyramid.

Philosophical and Naive Motive.

We thought it was best to make the pandemic as short as possible. The philosophy that suffering a lot a short time is better than suffering a long agony. (which is what it seems we are going towards).

... the Day we counter-attacked.

As of April 20, 2020, the situation has changed. The company, even sleeping, continues to have expenses (supplies, taxes, commissions). The help they offer us is to delay the VAT and ask for a loan. Banking and large companies continue to clean the plate while we consume our savings.

We have decided to resume the online sales service, currently operating only with NACEX. We will serve shipments twice a week to limit our movements.

Modifications regarding the normal operation of the store:

1- Payment by Paypal: Paypal charges 5% commission for sale. We normally assume it, but in this situation we cannot. If you want to pay by Paypal, choose "Transfer" as the payment method and send me the money as a transfer to a friend in Paypal, which is free for both of us. (to the address

2- Only NACEX works for now as a shipping method. But we have enabled a possibility of paying the normal economic shipping and delay shipment until Punto Pack network (Mondial Relay) works again or we can negotiate a contract with some other economic logistics operator.

3- Orders over 90 euros. Normally we offer free shipping with our economic operator for orders above 90 euros, always having the alternative of paying NACEX shipping for anyone who wants fast door-to-door service. Our prices are tight and the margins are small. At the moment we will change this policy for a flat rate of 3 euros for orders over 80 euros. (Well, 79.90).

... and Tomorrow ...

We hope this will last as little as possible. We regret the deaths, the sick, the hospital weeks and the anguish of those who have family or friends in hospitals.

It is our first pandemic, let us hope that it is the last, but if it is not, let us hope that the next one catches us better prepared and that our rulers handled it better.

...and Today.

As of May 20th, Normality is almost restored. We are slightly returning to normal operations...

... and always ...

And Always ... Situation Normal All F***ed Up!