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"HELL OVER KOREA" is an expansion module for "B-29 SUPERFORTRESS" and covers B-29 missions in the Korean War from November 1950 through April 1951, covering a standard six-month bomber crew tour of duty in Korea. NOTE THAT YOU MUST OWN A COPY OF "B-29 SUPERFORTRESS" TO PLAY "HELL OVER KOREA."

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Category Classic wargame
Ages 14+
Max Players 1
Play Mode Solitaire
Play Time An evening
Designer Steve Dixon, Shawn Rife
Artist Randy Lein, Brandon Pennington

he time period covered in the Variant was chosen because it was the most dynamic period of the war for the B-29. Early missions (i.e., before November 1950) for the bomber met with little enemy opposition, with (relatively ineffective) raids against tactical targets. North Korea’s few strategic targets and industries were also quickly disposed of. In November 1950, however, the Chinese Communists were in the war, and the B-29 began facing its first serious opposition with the introduction of large numbers of Soviet MiG-15 jet fighters. It was now a real contest.

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