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7 pecados

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In 7 Pecados your objective will be to play temptations on each of the 7 deadly sins to make the other players succumb to them while you remain holy, using even your Faith to do so!

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Mechanics Card Drafting
Ages 10+
Max Players 6
Play Mode Competitive
Play Time A short time

The goal is to be the player with the least points of sin accumulated at the end of the game. Each card of sin is assigned a score. The players, who will be Considered to be saints, will play cards of temptation on the cards of sin, knowing that Who places the second card of temptation on a sin card will take him to his Play, thus becoming a sinner. At the end of the game, the player who has no sin card in his zone wins Of game, being able to have more of a winner. In case all players are sinners, the less points of sin will accumulate in your playing area. In the event of a tie, which has the sins of lesser value.
A player is a sinner if he has any sin cards in his playing area. Conversely, A player is holy if he has no sin card in his playing area.

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