Victus. El joc de cartes

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Victus. El joc de cartes is a trick-taking card game loosely based on the novel Victus by Albert Sànchez Piñol and set during the siege of Barcelona of 1713-1714, the last act of the War of the Spanish Succession.

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Ages 12+
Max Players 5
Play Mode Competitive
Play Time A short time

In the game, players play the role of the main characters of the novel, divided in two sides: the Catalans defending Barcelona (Martí Zuviria and Antoni de Villarroel), and the French-Spanish army storming the city (Berwick, Popoli and van Verboom). The only player whose identity is public is Zuviria, the other characters are hidden until one of them decides to show himself or until some cards force them to do so. Each trick is won by the player who has played the first card of the suit with most points. But some additional character cards can change the rules for winning a trick in some rounds.

After the last trick, each side adds up their points: for each color (not to be confused with the suits), two points for the side with most cards of that color; and 3 points for the side which has more completed "VICTUS" words (each card has also a letter from the word VICTUS).

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