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We don't sell what we don't have

There is nothing worse than e-stores that say they have something and they just order what you order. If a game is listed in Snafu website is because the game is physically at our store.

Games on demand

If you are interested in a particular game we don't have, you can ask and we will look for it for you, without compromise for you.

Prices Variability

Some games are imported from overseas. Shipping and customs are a variable that can alter some prices between one shipment and the following one. Some prices may change because of this.

Rules in english

Most of the games are already in english. We can always try to find the english rules for you in the few cases there are not. And if the rules in english are not available... are you sure you want it?

Painting Minis

We offer a on demand Painting Service. Once you play a game with painted minis, you will never again play with unpainted ones. Ask prices and disponibilities.

I don't know how to play the game

Our staff can explain any game purchased at Snafu. We speak english and french... all you need is to come to the store and ask!