SHAEF és una simulació dels deu mesos que van seguir al Dia-D (el desembarcament de Normandia). 

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Subcategoria SGM
Mecànica Conduit per Cartes
Edat 14+
Màxim de Jugadors 2
Estil de joc Competitiu
Temps de joc Una tarda
Escala del Joc Estratègic

SHAEF is a two-player WW2 card-driven wargame covering the ten months following D-Day in Western Europe.

One player takes the role of SHAEF – Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force commanded by US General Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Allied player’s goal is to control at least two of four key locations in Germany before the end of March 1945. The Axis player seeks to frustrate these plans, but can win an instant victory if he can repel the Overlord invasion.

The historical armies and corps that fought in the campaign are represented by stand-up counters moving on the map. Smaller forces, plus combat support and special tactics, are handled by beautiful cards.

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